Custom Metal Fabrication & Machining for Oil Refineries

•Orifice Plates, Raised Face and Ring Type Joint
•Type Joint
•Meter Flow/Beveled
•Orifice Plate Holders, Ring Type Joint

Orifice Plates

Orifice Flanges, Plates, and Holders

Orifice Plates
Size:  1/2" through 30"  orifice plates
Rating:  150# through 2500#
Facing: Raised face and ring-type joint-male or female-octagonal or oval
Type:  Universal, paddle and integral plate seal
Bore: Concentric, beveled, counter-bored, eccentric, segmental and quadrant
Bore Diameter: Customer supplied or calculated by us from data provided
All Stainless and Nickle Alloys​

Orifice Plate Holders (Universal)
Size:  1/2" through 30"  orifice plate holders
Rating:  150# through 2500#
Facing:  Ring-type joint male- octagonal or oval
Type:  Universal orifice plate holder
All Stainless and Nickle Alloys

Orifice Flanges
Size:  1/2" through 30"
Rating:  150# through 2500#
Facing:  Raised face and ring-type joint
Type:  Weld neck, threaded, slip-on and socket weld
Material:  Carbon steel, stainless steel and all alloys